Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ROSIE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! CAN U DIG IT?!?!?

After 6 years, minor hurdles and sum major hateration, BPA has released the opus Soul Train Dancer: A Tribute to Rosie Perez. This 16-track blast of classic HipHop is produced solely by Chi-City’s incomparable JSLIKK. Holding down the mic is North Carolina emcee-extraordinaire’ Cyrano Sinatra aka Cy Yung. Jam-packed with the best guest-of list this year, this album features appearances from Wordsmith, Rashid Hadee, Thaione Davis, Melatone, Indy Sparks and Maria Richardson. Well worth the wait, BACKPACKERS ANONYMOUS IS OFFICIALLY BACK IN THE BUILDING!!!!!!

01. All Things Considered 04:32
02. Be Natural ft Thaione Davis 05:13
03. CeleBROtee ft The Primeridian 04:27
04. Da Hollywood Shuffle 04:50
05. Dreamcatcher Revisited 04:08
06. The Currency 04:51
07. Heaven 2 Me ft Maria Richardson 04:49
08. This Is HipHop 04:48
09. A Hot 16 & Some Yrs Later 04:00
10. Mayhem ft Rashid Hadee & Melatone 03:04
11. MirrorCOOL ft Wordsmith 04:05
12. Persuit Of Happyness 04:06
13. The Road Less Travelled 04:42
14. Rock Steady ft Indy Sparks & Maria Richardson 03:38
15. St Elsewhere 04:40
16. Wordplay 03:57

Cy Yung & JSilkk Presents: Soul Train A Dancer, A Tribute to Rosie Perez Album


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