Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Faux Five Radio EP (2007)

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Make sure to get your copy of the Faux Five Radio Ep by one of the newest members of the BPA family Bully Saint. This talented young MC isn't only a witty word smith, he is also a talented graphic artist. Check out his work at http://www.myspace.com/bullysainte

BPA 2008: The magnificent 7 and growing!!!

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From the top left around to top right: Cy Yung, Cynergy Soundz, Izzy, Oscah, J. Slikk, R.O.E., and Bully Sainte'

As stated a couple months ago, the family is STRONG! After making noise out of the gate in 2005 and '06 BPA had somewhat of a silent period in 2007, with the exception of of albums and mixtapes by Cynergy, Roe, Cy Yung, and J. Slikk scattered across the year. With new additions to the team and at least 10 projects started (thats correct 10) towards the end of this year, with hopes of early to mid 2008 release dates, BPA's new Magnificent 7 guarantees to capture the ears of many for the coming year.

Roe's Return of the Soulstar mixtape, Sainte's Fox Five Ep, and Slikk's Animate Objects (Discography) Mixtape will all drop in the coming weeks. Cy Yung's Return of REEL Hip Hop is available now.

BPA's R&B Newcomer Oscah's Ep is in the works and estimates to be done by February in time for a Valentine's day release.

From there, Cy's album "A Tribute to Rosie Perez", Slikk's Compilation "The M.P.", Roe's untitled full length album, and much more will be on the way for 2008!

For the sake of coming up with a corny gimick the 7 current BPA members are known as the magnificent 7. But new artists will be added at some point.

As you can see, we have quite the line up for 2008. So we'll see you all then.

Till then we wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year. Be Safe.