Monday, November 24, 2008

Free Mixtape: Cyrano aka Cy Yung “Still Lovin’ It” (A Mixtape Ode To McDonalds)

Backpackers Anonymous presents Cyrano aka Cy Yung: Still Lovin’ It (A Mixtape Ode To McDonald’s). This new project is produced entirely by J. Slikk and is a free mixtape prelude to Slikk and Cyrano’s upcoming collaboration EP “Soul Train Dancer” due for release early 2009.

Official Tracklisting:
01. Tip For The Hamburg
02. Mickey Deez
03. Old McDonald
04. Pickle Me Pink
05. Arch Enemiez
06. Apple Pie Betty
07. A Side Of Cy (feat. Maria)

Check out the free mixtape right here, click the link below to downlaod:
Cyrano aka Cy Yung - Still Lovin’ It (A Mixtape Ode To McDonalds)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

State of the camp address Fall 2008: WHERE's BPA BEEN?

Greetings to all that still read this blog lol... heaven knows we dont update it near enough as we should.

I thought i'd take some time out and let you all know whats goin down with the good folks at BackPackers Anonymous. promised it was the BUSIEST summer in BPA's 3 year history.

Now as you noticed at the beginning of the summer, we blasted out of the gate with a bunch of heat and previewed some material from albums that were started last winter and planned for summer releases. If you heard it, i dont even have to ask if you did, im just gonna assume you did and say im glad you all enjoyed it. But here's where it gets a little tricky. You see, we had albums planned for summer releases (Mainly Cy's "A Tribute to Rosie Perez" and J. Slikk's "Flavor Spectrum"), however the timetables have changed for both albums. Due to equippment problems late last spring, Slikk's whole timetable for Flavor Spectrum was pushed back to a late fall or early winter release.. When in the fall or winter? this will more than likely be known sometime in october. As for Cy's Rosie Perez, it is known that Cy and Slikk are 3 songs or so away from completion, but will take time in the final processes to finish the album and then promote it. It will more than likely be released mid winter or early spring.

Due to the complex nature of both albums (that is, starting out as smaller releases and building to become much larger) the timetables were pushed back to meet the needs of their quality and potential... both albums also will potentially be shopped for distribution.

In addition to those albums... Oscah's completed album is currently shelved and has no release date. Until an update occurs enjoy the first single off the album "Lose you 2 Love you" produced by J. Slikk at

Luckily we got all the singles out that were scheduled to drop this summer...

BPA newcomer Junclassic (yes we have a new emcee to the clan) is working on his BPA debut (not yet titled) and a first single from the album will be here sometime between the end of September and end of November. The album will be fully produced by Cynergy Soundz and J. Slikk.

R.O.E. is working on mixtape material and will start work on his debut album by the end of the year... more news to come win the next couple months.

Indy Sparks has released 2 independent ep's this summer outside of the BPA camp. The Ritual and Thin line ep are quite consistent and come highly recomended.

Cynergy Soundz is hard at work on his 2nd compilation "Zenith II"... you can check out a few early joints from the album on his page. Once Zenith II and Slikk's Flavor Spectrum, as well as Junclassic's album are complete, BPA's trademark sound creators will begin work on the second installment of their Foreign Currency series, which they hope will be ready for a summer/fall '09 release.

long story short, unlike past winters, no hibernation for BPA this winter...We will be hard at work. Look out for Flavor Spectrum and a Tribute to Rosie Perez.

New websites promoting both albums will be arriving in the coming months as well.

more info soon!

Friday, July 4, 2008


For those of you who are new to the BPA experience...


NAME: R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy)
Location: Chicago, Il
Past Projects: 3 Mixtapes (Just Listen Vol 1, Post Pardom Stardom, Reinventing the Soulstar)
Current Project: 1 Mixtape, 1 Album

Music: Cant Help Myself (Prod by J. Slikk)


NAME: Cyrano (aka Cy Yung)
Location: Greenville, NC
Past Projects: Several Mixtapes
Current Project: Yall Gon Soon C.Y. album, Back 2 Lyfe album, A Tribute to Rosie Perez album

Music: Dreamcatcher Revisited (prod by J. Slikk)


NAME: SIN (aka Indy Sparks)
Location: Raleigh, NC
Past Projects: Fox Five Radio Mixtape vol 1
Current Project: 1 Mixtape, 1 Album

Music: C.R.E.A.M. BPA Remix (Featuring Cy Yung)


NAME: Izzy
Location: Denton, TX
Past Projects: Several productions for various emcees
Current Project: TBA

Music: Pause (featuring R.O.E.)

NAME: Oscah
*R&B/Soul Artist*
Location: Long Beach, CA
Past Projects: 2 Albums
Current Project: New Album (name TBA) due out Fall 2008

MUSIC: The Makeover remix (Featuring Cy Yung prod by Cynergy Soundz)


NAME: Cynergy Soundz
*In House Producer*
Location: Toronto, Ot, Cn
Past Projects: Zenith Compilation, I Cant Believe its Not Hip Hop, Foreign Currency, Foreign Currency Bootleg
Current Project: Zenith II, Cy Yung's Yall Gon Soon C.Y., Foreign Currency II, Cy's Edict

MUSIC: Poe Mack - Honey Dutch (Prod By Cynergy Soundz)


NAME: J. Slikk
*In House Producer*
Location: Chicago, Il
Past Projects: Foreign Currency, Foreign Currency Bootleg, Soul(RE)mix Sessions vol 1. Drum Major Mixtapes vol 1&2
Current Project: Flavor Spectrum Compilation, Cy Yung's A Tribute to Rosie Perez, Cy's Edict, Foreign Currency II

MUSIC: Erykah Badu - Honey (J. Slikk Remix)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cy Yung - Dreamcatcher Revisited (FIRST OFFICIAL SINGLE OFF ROSIE!!!!)

Dreamcatcher Revisited

Dreamcatcher Revisited (New Jack Swing Remix)

As was the case with Y'all Gon Soon C.Y., the Cy Yung and J. Slikk collaborative effort entitled "A Tribute To Rosie Perez" has been anticipated for nearly 3 years. After several years in the making, its almost FINALLY HERE!!!! The nostalgic effort designed to be a tribute to hip hop albums of the early 90's on the behalf of Slikk & Cy will be here before you know it...

For now, enjoy the first OFFICIAL single off the album entitled Dreamcatcher Revisited (produced by J. Slikk).... and take in the "throwback" sound of the (again) J. Slikk produced Dreamcatcher Revisited (New Jack Swing Remix). The single and it's remix bring back a better time in music as it again, pays tribute to early 90's music...hence Slikk's insistent (purposely obvious) sampling of Chirstopher Williams' - I'm Dreaming

for THE OFFICIAL CD SINGLE file which includes the B Side single A hot 16 and a year later (which will be on the album) click here to download

for more info please visit:

and be sure to check out for a full write up on the single!!!!

... the team's off to a HELL of a start for the summer!!!!

Cy Yung & Cynergy Soundz present: Y'all gon soon C.Y.

After a 3 year wait... the 2nd most (behind Foreign Currency 2) anticipated release in BPA's short history is finally here!!!! The fully Cynergy Soundz produced EP laced with Cy Yung vocals has created a buzz for itself for over a year with its single "REEL hip hop" (see youtube above for a listen). We here at BPA are spoiled... we've had this album in our collection for almost 3 years. We are finally proud to finally pass the greatness that is Y'all gon soon C.Y. on to you.

Again, listen to the first single off the album "REEL hip hop" above.

For more information hit up: and

check out reviews/posts of the album at:

Cy Yung and Centric Present: the Back 2 Lyfe Mixtape

The first of many releases for the BPA owned Summer season is the Anticipated Cy Yung and Centric efforts. FIRST we have the prequel mixtape which is available for download by clicking here. Available above is the first single off the actual album entitled "Mr. Magic" (of course produced by Centric). While Centric has produced gems for such artists as Canibus, Skillz, Median, and more he saved the best of his arsenal for Cy as we will see in the coming months as more and more is unveiled about Back 2 Lyfe and its final release date.

For more info hit up


Well in the case in which you actually did check up on the blog and noticed NO UPDATES since early March, it is a proud day to let you all know WE ARE BACK!!!!!

BPA is ready for what will be a promising summer with releases from Cy Yung, R.O.E, and J. Slikk already planned... and multiple mixtapes as well!

Stay tuned as we are getting the busiest summer season in BPA's 3 year history underway!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

**22 tracks of NEW MUSIC!!!!** J. Slikk - The Soul(BOOTLEG-RE)Mix Sessions (2008)

WTF is this??? You'll have to DL it to find out!



Sunday, March 2, 2008

Erykah Badu - Honey (J. Slikk Remix) case you haven't caught it yet... your late pass awaits

Friday, February 29, 2008

Return of the Soulstar HAS ARRIVED!!!!


The new mixtape by BPA's own R.O.E. is finally here. After multiple delays since an original Christmas release date, the final product is definitely worth bragging about. With production from Hezekiah, J. Slikk, Johnathan P, Roe, Izzy, Black Milk, Rahid Hadee, and many more, there is enough fire power on the boards to support Roe's major sound. Roe also gets a little help from Darrell Levon, Bilal, Phonte (of Little Brother) and Cy Yung amongst others.

A breif synopsis of the damage the lead single "Can't Help Myself" (Produced by J. Slikk) has done...

... Currently being played on 6 different radio stations across Chicago
... In heavy rotation on 2 (non BPA related or affiliated) mixtapes
... will soon be available on the compilation
... In the process of being re recorded, mixed and mastered for major market radio access
... the storyline for the music video is being written as this is written. The video will be shot in the city in the spring.

If you enjoyed "Can't Help Myself" then there's plenty (and i mean PLENTY) more where that came from. Quoting the title of Roe's first mixtape.... JUST LISTEN!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Newness = SOON!!!!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season (New Years included). While you were all forcing holiday left overs down the hatch, we were hard at work preparing material for at least the first quarter of the year, and still are doing just that.

We got new joints to share with the world, BUT we're gonna sit on em for another week or two. Maybe even longer.. naah just kidding. We'll have something up soon.

Here's a brief update on what we're doing:

*Bully Sainte just dropped the Faux Five Radio EP and we have just started working on his album "Risky Business". So far the Cynergy Soundz produced "the breaks" and "fortune" and the J. Slikk produced "A Good Day" make up the track listing of many more gems to come.

* R.O.E. is completing his new mixtape entitled "Return of the Soulstar". The first single "I Cant Help Myself" Produced by J. Slikk has been in heavy circulation on myspace music and other music sites. The tape feature more production from Slikk as well as Izzy, Cynergy Soundz, and Johnathan P.

* Oscah's "Reinventing the Soulstar" Ep is almost complete and will be released in time for Valentine's day. Half produced by Cynergy Soundz and half produced by J. Slikk, the soulful songster will keep the fires bringing for you and that special someone very soon!!! Previews to the album will be here soon.

*Izzy is working on a yet to be titled mixtape. More info on that one as it becomes available.

*Cy Yung is working on 3 projects. Mainly the Cy and Slikk collaboration on "A Tribute to Rosie Perez". Not much info will be given about this project at this time, however we will let you know that more than half of the album is already complete. More info and a single will be released in the spring.
Cy is also hard at work on Cy's Mixtape "CYcology". Again, not much is known about this project but the fact that J. Slikk is handling the majority of production with help from Cynergy Soundz.

Cy and Cynergy's collaboration "Yall gon soon CY" is complete and will be released in the coming months. One more time... more info soon.

*J. Slikk's Animate objects mixtape will be released sometime between February and April. The mixtape is a Discography mixtape that will feature some of Slikk's favorite songs he's produced over the last 3 1/2 years. The 60+ song mixtape (yes more than 60) will also feature snippets of new songs and beats.

Again, we will keep you posted as the start of 2008 pertaining to us giving you music will begin shortly!!!!