Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Faux Five Radio EP (2007)

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Make sure to get your copy of the Faux Five Radio Ep by one of the newest members of the BPA family Bully Saint. This talented young MC isn't only a witty word smith, he is also a talented graphic artist. Check out his work at http://www.myspace.com/bullysainte

BPA 2008: The magnificent 7 and growing!!!

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From the top left around to top right: Cy Yung, Cynergy Soundz, Izzy, Oscah, J. Slikk, R.O.E., and Bully Sainte'

As stated a couple months ago, the family is STRONG! After making noise out of the gate in 2005 and '06 BPA had somewhat of a silent period in 2007, with the exception of of albums and mixtapes by Cynergy, Roe, Cy Yung, and J. Slikk scattered across the year. With new additions to the team and at least 10 projects started (thats correct 10) towards the end of this year, with hopes of early to mid 2008 release dates, BPA's new Magnificent 7 guarantees to capture the ears of many for the coming year.

Roe's Return of the Soulstar mixtape, Sainte's Fox Five Ep, and Slikk's Animate Objects (Discography) Mixtape will all drop in the coming weeks. Cy Yung's Return of REEL Hip Hop is available now.

BPA's R&B Newcomer Oscah's Ep is in the works and estimates to be done by February in time for a Valentine's day release.

From there, Cy's album "A Tribute to Rosie Perez", Slikk's Compilation "The M.P.", Roe's untitled full length album, and much more will be on the way for 2008!

For the sake of coming up with a corny gimick the 7 current BPA members are known as the magnificent 7. But new artists will be added at some point.

As you can see, we have quite the line up for 2008. So we'll see you all then.

Till then we wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year. Be Safe.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Hope that ya'll finished up the last of ya turkey sandwiches, cuz BPA is back! This December is the official blastoff of BPA, hiphop officianados! Cynergy & Cy Yung's collabo EP is finished, and release outlets will be posted ASAP; JSLIKK and Cy Yung have resumed recording Soul Train Dancer: A Tribute To Rosie Perez; Bully Sainte's Faux Five EP is complete, and outlets will be posted ASAP, leading up to his full-length release Alchemy, Vol 1; But for the BPA faithful, we come like Santa, bringing gifts! You can download Cy Yung's mixtape, The Return of Reel Hiphop right now, and start bobbing ya head.

Download HERE

Holla back at Cy to let him know what u think about his latest @ http://www.myspace.com/cyranoakacyyung

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Range Da Messenga single

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A little treat for your eardrums. This joint is from Range and can be found on the 2007 Zenith compilation album. Make sure to listen for the wonderful piano breakdown that occurs during the middle of the track. Brought to you by talented keyboardist Kool Keith! Enjoy

Monday, October 15, 2007

NEW BPA ARTIST: Bully Sainte'

On the behalf of the team, we'd like to welcome BPA newcomer Bully Sainte' to the mix!!!! Sainte has proven more than ready able and willing to bring the heat and has impressed us all. Look for more info and new music, and a mixtapes in the works, scheduled to drop with BPA sometime this winter or spring!

Keep reading as you'll find us rebuilding and expanding the roster in the months to come in order to fit the next phase of th plan....

a Sainte debut single should be completed and (rough mix) leaked accordingly in the coming weeks.

in the meantime check him out at

Despite Contrary Belief, The family is STRONG!

There's been a lot made of whats going on with the music across BPA with the few fans that we have. A lotta questions and even a lot of fans turned away by a lack of production, if you can even call it that.

Its now 1:20 am, im sick as shit with a cold and should be in bed but Im going to set the record straight before i actually do hit the sheets...


We got the founding fathers of BPA still intact after 2 years, some members are gone off doing their own thing and we wish them well. No bad blood or anything of that nature. I'd honestly say we're one of the few collectives that have never had a problem with another member EVER. Its just some times what we have to get done does not fit within the personal timeframe, and that is fine. You gotta deal with the personals first, music comes second. We all have a lot of personal issues we need to cope with on a daily basis.

As far as a lack of production we've been accused of and have lost fans as a result of. Let me clear the air about that when i say, you'll get it when you get it. When you do get it, you'll have so much material it'll be hard to choose which album to bump in the whip or iPod on that day. TRUST ME, we're always working at a feverish pitch when we're not dealing with the life outside of music (ie school, work, significant others, and such). With that said... you have to understand this, just because it's new to you when it drops, doesn't mean we haven't had it done for a few years even. We at times sit on material to wait for the right time to release it. Why? It can be various reasons. None of which will be shared at the moment.

At this point im really aggravated at the lack of BPA faith here. This has been going on since foreign currency Bootleg and Im just tired of it. Naturally, we'll silence critics but we gotta wait just a little longer. We've got big things coming up in mass production...

...we got albums from Cy Yung, ROE, Bully Sainte', Kas, J. Slikk, and a few more compilations and mixtapes from the same on the way.

When they drop, you'll know it. TRUST in that. We're gonna flood the market if you will. Cynergy's already got a new single dropped, I may just drop one tomorrow..

...or will I?

all in all, keep your patience. It'll pay off I prrrromise that.

For the fans we've lost. I apollogize and hope to regain you as well as gain new ones!

Peace n Blessings


New Poe Mack single 2007

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What's good everyone. Here is a little treat brought to you by Backpacker's Anonymous. The joint is entitled "Rise Before Me" by Poe Mack of True Noke Music out of Virginia. And produced my non other than Cynergy Soundz. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cy Yung N Da Bldg!

1st post from the Red Dragon of rap, "Cy Hung da Top Chef!" As my man Slikk says, this official blog will be tha bizness epicenter for all BPA transmissions to the starving underground hiphop fans out there. Wit the recent addition of Bully Sainte to the roster, the totem pole just got 1 tiki higher for u haters try'na climb over us! U can still check in wit me & stay up-2-date on releases at www.myspace.com/cyranoakacyyung, but on the blog I will also keep u intune to when and where Cy will be stopping thru ur bldg, cuz ur boy has to hit the road pretty soon to keep the lights on! As far as posts go, let me put my 2 schillings on top of the wonderful meal u been enjoying cooked up by JSlikk & Cynergy, by adding a link to my last release, HipHop 4 Dummiez 2: Cy's Notes. This second installment of HipHop 4 Dummiez was grounded by the Goldfingaz produced song, 'The Market," and the JSlikk produced 'Real Talk.' Remixes of 'Promise,' and 'I Want U,' show Cy's ability to transcend genre, and commune wit the current-day music megastar, and 'I C Dead People' is a classic that will give you an idea of where Cynergy and Cy are going on the upcoming "Ya'll Gon Soon C.Y." EP.

HipHop 4 Dummiez 2: Cy's Notes (download)
Here are two more treats for you. Foreign Currency was the first project put out by BPA in 2005. It brought a fresh element to hip hop during a time when all rap music was sounding the same. This mixtape also gave rise to may underground artist such as Cy Yung (aka Cynamatic), Kas, Etmet, Oms Law, Li Po, Seneca, amongst many others. Many fans stated this project to be one of the most underrated hip hop albums of the year. If you enjoy good hip hop music make sure to get your copy of Foreign Currency vol. 1.

Foreign Currency Vol. 1
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Get it here

The second treat we have for you hear was a fun release created by Cynergy Soundz one summer weekend in the lab entitled "I Can't Believe It's Not Hip Hop". After attending a house music club the night before, he realized that what most of the music had lacked was a little soul. So within a 48 hour period, he created his own compilation of house music tracks, with a Cynergy twist to them. Whether you are a hip hop, soul or house music lover, you will definately love this creation. It will definately get you off of your seat and have you cutting a rug.

I Can't Believe It's Not Hip Hop (2006)
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Get it here

ZENITH (2007)

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Here is a compilation produced by Cynergy Soundz, one half of the BPA production team. Make sure to take a good listen to this projects as it presents a variety of innovative beats and talented artists. The music varies from hip hop to soul, to mild crunk (whateva the hell that is) lol. If you don't want to take my word for it, read the album review by J. Slikk:

Zenith album review by J. Slikk. WOW!

SOURCE SCALE WOULD SAY 4.5 MICS!!! (we gotta always leave room for improvement lmfao)

The album drops April 1st. Available for Download or in Packaged form if you're nearby one of us

Before I goto to bed (gotta go to the plantat... i mean job in the morning), i just wanted to tell you wonderful people out there in TV land about Backpacker's Anonymous' newest project. Fellow producer Cynergy Soundz' "ZENITH" is almost here!!!!

I personally heard it a few weeks ago (im way ahead of you all as ususal lol)... WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!

The dude honestly impressed me. I had the bar set high for the album as it was his first solo compilation outside of the Foreign Currency series (which I've proudly worked with him on for 2 years and 2 albums, third coming this fall!!!) and I wanted Gerry (cynergy) to shine so bad. I got my wish and far more!!!!

For that reason I gladly take a back seat for a hot minute while Cyn does his thing.

When you hear the album (if and when, cuz ALL of you shouldn't sleep on this), you'll hear a wide range of sounds, all kinds of tempos. The album is bottom line soulful. Like I said there's many changes of pace from "Pick" all the way down to "Scratch my back". My favorite of all of em honestly has to be "Honey Dutch" By Poe Mack... the beat and the vocals just play in SOOO WELL!!! Other favorites include my fellow BPA'ers Kas & Cy's perspective joints on the album (sorry for the bias lmao). I really dunno if Gerry had it in mind, but the album really has a nostolgic feel to it. A bit of it has that 1994-1995 vibe and other years around it. This is what we stride to bring back in our music with BPA. That nostolgic feel. Congratulations Cyn, you pulled it off!!!!! For that im truely proud fam!!!!!

With all my BPA/So Slikk brethren and sistren backing this project up, it CANT fail. All I ask of the general public, is to take into consideration what I have said here today and go get the album


If you know us and are fans, you'd know we give all our music free. Why? Well nobody pays for shit anymore, and why should you haveta pay an arm and a leg for good soul music. We'd just rather you burn it, pass it around make several copies for friends and friends friends and friends friends friends and so on!!!!

GET IT HERE : http://rapidshare.com/files/62404902/Zenith.rar

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Excitement is building

as corny as that may sound its true. There's a lotta things goin up on this blog plus imagine all the people who'll eventually see it. I for one am quite excited and we'll see who else is in the time to come!

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