Thursday, September 11, 2008

State of the camp address Fall 2008: WHERE's BPA BEEN?

Greetings to all that still read this blog lol... heaven knows we dont update it near enough as we should.

I thought i'd take some time out and let you all know whats goin down with the good folks at BackPackers Anonymous. promised it was the BUSIEST summer in BPA's 3 year history.

Now as you noticed at the beginning of the summer, we blasted out of the gate with a bunch of heat and previewed some material from albums that were started last winter and planned for summer releases. If you heard it, i dont even have to ask if you did, im just gonna assume you did and say im glad you all enjoyed it. But here's where it gets a little tricky. You see, we had albums planned for summer releases (Mainly Cy's "A Tribute to Rosie Perez" and J. Slikk's "Flavor Spectrum"), however the timetables have changed for both albums. Due to equippment problems late last spring, Slikk's whole timetable for Flavor Spectrum was pushed back to a late fall or early winter release.. When in the fall or winter? this will more than likely be known sometime in october. As for Cy's Rosie Perez, it is known that Cy and Slikk are 3 songs or so away from completion, but will take time in the final processes to finish the album and then promote it. It will more than likely be released mid winter or early spring.

Due to the complex nature of both albums (that is, starting out as smaller releases and building to become much larger) the timetables were pushed back to meet the needs of their quality and potential... both albums also will potentially be shopped for distribution.

In addition to those albums... Oscah's completed album is currently shelved and has no release date. Until an update occurs enjoy the first single off the album "Lose you 2 Love you" produced by J. Slikk at

Luckily we got all the singles out that were scheduled to drop this summer...

BPA newcomer Junclassic (yes we have a new emcee to the clan) is working on his BPA debut (not yet titled) and a first single from the album will be here sometime between the end of September and end of November. The album will be fully produced by Cynergy Soundz and J. Slikk.

R.O.E. is working on mixtape material and will start work on his debut album by the end of the year... more news to come win the next couple months.

Indy Sparks has released 2 independent ep's this summer outside of the BPA camp. The Ritual and Thin line ep are quite consistent and come highly recomended.

Cynergy Soundz is hard at work on his 2nd compilation "Zenith II"... you can check out a few early joints from the album on his page. Once Zenith II and Slikk's Flavor Spectrum, as well as Junclassic's album are complete, BPA's trademark sound creators will begin work on the second installment of their Foreign Currency series, which they hope will be ready for a summer/fall '09 release.

long story short, unlike past winters, no hibernation for BPA this winter...We will be hard at work. Look out for Flavor Spectrum and a Tribute to Rosie Perez.

New websites promoting both albums will be arriving in the coming months as well.

more info soon!