Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Newness = SOON!!!!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season (New Years included). While you were all forcing holiday left overs down the hatch, we were hard at work preparing material for at least the first quarter of the year, and still are doing just that.

We got new joints to share with the world, BUT we're gonna sit on em for another week or two. Maybe even longer.. naah just kidding. We'll have something up soon.

Here's a brief update on what we're doing:

*Bully Sainte just dropped the Faux Five Radio EP and we have just started working on his album "Risky Business". So far the Cynergy Soundz produced "the breaks" and "fortune" and the J. Slikk produced "A Good Day" make up the track listing of many more gems to come.

* R.O.E. is completing his new mixtape entitled "Return of the Soulstar". The first single "I Cant Help Myself" Produced by J. Slikk has been in heavy circulation on myspace music and other music sites. The tape feature more production from Slikk as well as Izzy, Cynergy Soundz, and Johnathan P.

* Oscah's "Reinventing the Soulstar" Ep is almost complete and will be released in time for Valentine's day. Half produced by Cynergy Soundz and half produced by J. Slikk, the soulful songster will keep the fires bringing for you and that special someone very soon!!! Previews to the album will be here soon.

*Izzy is working on a yet to be titled mixtape. More info on that one as it becomes available.

*Cy Yung is working on 3 projects. Mainly the Cy and Slikk collaboration on "A Tribute to Rosie Perez". Not much info will be given about this project at this time, however we will let you know that more than half of the album is already complete. More info and a single will be released in the spring.
Cy is also hard at work on Cy's Mixtape "CYcology". Again, not much is known about this project but the fact that J. Slikk is handling the majority of production with help from Cynergy Soundz.

Cy and Cynergy's collaboration "Yall gon soon CY" is complete and will be released in the coming months. One more time... more info soon.

*J. Slikk's Animate objects mixtape will be released sometime between February and April. The mixtape is a Discography mixtape that will feature some of Slikk's favorite songs he's produced over the last 3 1/2 years. The 60+ song mixtape (yes more than 60) will also feature snippets of new songs and beats.

Again, we will keep you posted as the start of 2008 pertaining to us giving you music will begin shortly!!!!