Friday, February 29, 2008

Return of the Soulstar HAS ARRIVED!!!!


The new mixtape by BPA's own R.O.E. is finally here. After multiple delays since an original Christmas release date, the final product is definitely worth bragging about. With production from Hezekiah, J. Slikk, Johnathan P, Roe, Izzy, Black Milk, Rahid Hadee, and many more, there is enough fire power on the boards to support Roe's major sound. Roe also gets a little help from Darrell Levon, Bilal, Phonte (of Little Brother) and Cy Yung amongst others.

A breif synopsis of the damage the lead single "Can't Help Myself" (Produced by J. Slikk) has done...

... Currently being played on 6 different radio stations across Chicago
... In heavy rotation on 2 (non BPA related or affiliated) mixtapes
... will soon be available on the compilation
... In the process of being re recorded, mixed and mastered for major market radio access
... the storyline for the music video is being written as this is written. The video will be shot in the city in the spring.

If you enjoyed "Can't Help Myself" then there's plenty (and i mean PLENTY) more where that came from. Quoting the title of Roe's first mixtape.... JUST LISTEN!!!!!

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R.O.E. said...

Thanks in advance for the love people...more to come...I promise