Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Alix Jackson, independent film director/writer (When Evil Reigns, 2005) and avid HipHop supporter, has been helping the globe @@GET FAMILIAR@@ with up-n-coming artists for a few years now as his alter ego, MR GRIM. If you are familiar with TORRENTS, then you have probably run across more than a few artist-supported seeds of MR GRIMM. But imagine our surprise when we learned that music from Backpackers Anonymous artists had garnered over 1 million downloads!!!
MR GRIMM has put together a mixtape featurng music from cats like J. Slikk, Junclassic, Cyrano, Mega Ran, Super Chron Flight Brothers, K. Murdock, and plenty more. Check it out below and support MR GRIMM if ur up on those TORRENT sites. U can also get info on his 1st movie, When Evil Reigns, at http://www.whenevilreigns.com/index.html

DOWNLOAD 1 Million Downloads - The Mixtape (Vol. 1)

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