Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cy Yung N Da Bldg!

1st post from the Red Dragon of rap, "Cy Hung da Top Chef!" As my man Slikk says, this official blog will be tha bizness epicenter for all BPA transmissions to the starving underground hiphop fans out there. Wit the recent addition of Bully Sainte to the roster, the totem pole just got 1 tiki higher for u haters try'na climb over us! U can still check in wit me & stay up-2-date on releases at, but on the blog I will also keep u intune to when and where Cy will be stopping thru ur bldg, cuz ur boy has to hit the road pretty soon to keep the lights on! As far as posts go, let me put my 2 schillings on top of the wonderful meal u been enjoying cooked up by JSlikk & Cynergy, by adding a link to my last release, HipHop 4 Dummiez 2: Cy's Notes. This second installment of HipHop 4 Dummiez was grounded by the Goldfingaz produced song, 'The Market," and the JSlikk produced 'Real Talk.' Remixes of 'Promise,' and 'I Want U,' show Cy's ability to transcend genre, and commune wit the current-day music megastar, and 'I C Dead People' is a classic that will give you an idea of where Cynergy and Cy are going on the upcoming "Ya'll Gon Soon C.Y." EP.

HipHop 4 Dummiez 2: Cy's Notes (download)

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