Monday, October 15, 2007

Despite Contrary Belief, The family is STRONG!

There's been a lot made of whats going on with the music across BPA with the few fans that we have. A lotta questions and even a lot of fans turned away by a lack of production, if you can even call it that.

Its now 1:20 am, im sick as shit with a cold and should be in bed but Im going to set the record straight before i actually do hit the sheets...


We got the founding fathers of BPA still intact after 2 years, some members are gone off doing their own thing and we wish them well. No bad blood or anything of that nature. I'd honestly say we're one of the few collectives that have never had a problem with another member EVER. Its just some times what we have to get done does not fit within the personal timeframe, and that is fine. You gotta deal with the personals first, music comes second. We all have a lot of personal issues we need to cope with on a daily basis.

As far as a lack of production we've been accused of and have lost fans as a result of. Let me clear the air about that when i say, you'll get it when you get it. When you do get it, you'll have so much material it'll be hard to choose which album to bump in the whip or iPod on that day. TRUST ME, we're always working at a feverish pitch when we're not dealing with the life outside of music (ie school, work, significant others, and such). With that said... you have to understand this, just because it's new to you when it drops, doesn't mean we haven't had it done for a few years even. We at times sit on material to wait for the right time to release it. Why? It can be various reasons. None of which will be shared at the moment.

At this point im really aggravated at the lack of BPA faith here. This has been going on since foreign currency Bootleg and Im just tired of it. Naturally, we'll silence critics but we gotta wait just a little longer. We've got big things coming up in mass production...

...we got albums from Cy Yung, ROE, Bully Sainte', Kas, J. Slikk, and a few more compilations and mixtapes from the same on the way.

When they drop, you'll know it. TRUST in that. We're gonna flood the market if you will. Cynergy's already got a new single dropped, I may just drop one tomorrow..

...or will I?

all in all, keep your patience. It'll pay off I prrrromise that.

For the fans we've lost. I apollogize and hope to regain you as well as gain new ones!

Peace n Blessings


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