Saturday, October 13, 2007

ZENITH (2007)

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Here is a compilation produced by Cynergy Soundz, one half of the BPA production team. Make sure to take a good listen to this projects as it presents a variety of innovative beats and talented artists. The music varies from hip hop to soul, to mild crunk (whateva the hell that is) lol. If you don't want to take my word for it, read the album review by J. Slikk:

Zenith album review by J. Slikk. WOW!

SOURCE SCALE WOULD SAY 4.5 MICS!!! (we gotta always leave room for improvement lmfao)

The album drops April 1st. Available for Download or in Packaged form if you're nearby one of us

Before I goto to bed (gotta go to the plantat... i mean job in the morning), i just wanted to tell you wonderful people out there in TV land about Backpacker's Anonymous' newest project. Fellow producer Cynergy Soundz' "ZENITH" is almost here!!!!

I personally heard it a few weeks ago (im way ahead of you all as ususal lol)... WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!

The dude honestly impressed me. I had the bar set high for the album as it was his first solo compilation outside of the Foreign Currency series (which I've proudly worked with him on for 2 years and 2 albums, third coming this fall!!!) and I wanted Gerry (cynergy) to shine so bad. I got my wish and far more!!!!

For that reason I gladly take a back seat for a hot minute while Cyn does his thing.

When you hear the album (if and when, cuz ALL of you shouldn't sleep on this), you'll hear a wide range of sounds, all kinds of tempos. The album is bottom line soulful. Like I said there's many changes of pace from "Pick" all the way down to "Scratch my back". My favorite of all of em honestly has to be "Honey Dutch" By Poe Mack... the beat and the vocals just play in SOOO WELL!!! Other favorites include my fellow BPA'ers Kas & Cy's perspective joints on the album (sorry for the bias lmao). I really dunno if Gerry had it in mind, but the album really has a nostolgic feel to it. A bit of it has that 1994-1995 vibe and other years around it. This is what we stride to bring back in our music with BPA. That nostolgic feel. Congratulations Cyn, you pulled it off!!!!! For that im truely proud fam!!!!!

With all my BPA/So Slikk brethren and sistren backing this project up, it CANT fail. All I ask of the general public, is to take into consideration what I have said here today and go get the album


If you know us and are fans, you'd know we give all our music free. Why? Well nobody pays for shit anymore, and why should you haveta pay an arm and a leg for good soul music. We'd just rather you burn it, pass it around make several copies for friends and friends friends and friends friends friends and so on!!!!


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